Hinged Patio Door Replacement Guide Hinged Patio Door Replacement Guide

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Screwdriver set
Wood or vinyl scrap pieces
Wood glue
Mastic or putty
Safety glasses
Work Gloves
Replacement patio door

Patio door replacement is a task that most home owners can tackle. The main things to be aware of are the measurements for the new door and the condition of the door frame. Here is a guide to show you how.

Step 1 – Measure

Measure the size of the existing door and the door opening. Make exact measurements of where the hinges are placed so that you can use the same hinge points for the replacement door.

Step 2 – Remove the Old Door

Once you have received the replacement door, remove the old door. When you wedge the door up to unfasten the hinges, make the support fairly strong so that it can support the door while you work.

Step 3 - Inspect the Door Frame

Carefully examine the door frame to ensure it is sturdy and can be used for the new door. If the hinges on the new door are going to be in a different position, you will need to adjust the frame accordingly.

Step 4 – Fill in Old Hinge Areas

Fill the old hinge sites with a blank piece of material. You can use wood or vinyl. The blank will be the same thickness as the hinge that has been removed and the size of the hinge. Glue the blank into place and fill any gaps around it with mastic or putty.

Step 5 – Attach the Hinges to the New Door

If the new door does not already have hinges, attach the hinges to the new door. Make sure that they are secured in a manner that is parallel to the center line of the door. Also, ensure that the hinge pin is located correctly in relation to the edge of the door.    

Step 6 – Create New Hinge Areas

Carefully measure the position and sizes of the new hinge plates and cut new hinge grooves into the door frame. Make sure that you cut into the correct door jamb. Use a very sharp chisel and a hammer for cutting the rebates so that you have clean edges and more control over the cutting edge.

Step 7 – Level the Door to the Door Frame

With the hinges closed, place and level the door to the frame and make sure it fits properly.

Step 8 – Wedge the Door into the Open Position

Using the wedges you used to support the old door, set the new door on the wedges with the hinges open and fit the door into the frame. To help position the door properly, use shims on top of the support for minor adjustments.

Step 9 – Secure the Hinges Into the Rebates

Secure the open hinge plates into the rebates and attach them to the door frame with the appropriate screws. It is a good idea to drill pilot holes first.

Step 10 – Remove the Wedges

Once the door is hung on the hinges, the wedges can be removed. The door should not fall or otherwise move up or down when it is no longer supported.   

Swing the door a few times to ensure that it is swinging freely then fit any door accessories for latches, locks and so on.

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