Hip Roof

Using a hip roof rather than a gable roof will add a much nicer appeal to the shape of the house. The downside is that building the frame for a hip roof is much more complicated.

  • Start by measuring the length of the ridge board. This is obtained by simply subtracting the building width by the building length.
  • The common rafters are cut identically to how they would be for a gable roof.
  • Next you want to nail a common rafter to the ridge board. You will want to put one at opposite ends and then nail two more directly opposite of the two you just did. Finish this step by nailing in the rest of the common rafters.
  • This step requires you to find the length of the hip rafter. This can be done by simply using the Pythagorean Theorem.
  • Finally, install all of the jack rafters. Make sure to keep the hip straight during the installation. Also, you want to make sure the pressure can be handled by each side as you install them so you don’t warp the boards.

Things to Keep an eye on While Making Your Hip Roof

  • Keep an eye on the rafters and the hip to make sure they are straight during the whole process.
  • Never place too much strain on any of the boards as it can cause the boards of the hip roof to have to be replaced.