Holiday Gift Guide 2012

It happens to us all­—the holiday season causes us to aimlessly wander store aisles and frantically click through web pages in search of the perfect gift. Dulled by a stress-induced diet of sugar cookies, we might settle on something impersonal and generic, but put down that tin of caramel popcorn and head to the local home improvement store with this list in hand for the DIYers in your life. You know, those people who fix everything (or at least attempt to). One of these gift ideas is sure to hit the nail on the head.

The Seasoned DIYer

The seasoned DIYer knows their way around a power tool or two, but it’s still possible to give them something they haven’t even considered purchasing for themselves.

Tool Bag. Most DIYers will have more than one toolbox, but a tool bag or tote with soft sides is light and easy to transport. With reinforced sides and pockets, it may even become your handyman’s go-to storage on the jobsite.

Magazine Subscription. A subscription to a handyman magazine will be a welcome source of both inspiration and information. Choose one catered to their interests, such as woodworking or complete home renovation.

Jig Saw. A jig saw will expand the creative horizons of any DIYer with its ability to make curved cuts. While especially useful on wood, it can be used on other materials as well.

The Novice DIYer

The novice DIYer is beginning his or her journey to becoming a home improvement guru. They might know the difference between a Phillips-head and a Flat-head screwdriver, but that doesn’t mean they even own a set.

Socket and Drill Bit Sets. A set of sockets will help tighten and loosen fasteners in a variety of sizes, while drill bits create holes in multiple dimensions. Both sets are a must for anyone who does even the most basic of home repairs.

Work Light. A standing work light is like having another hand for any DIYer. Useful for work all over the house, garage, and yard, it can become an indispensable tool for short and long range lighting.

Gift “Basket.” Gather items in a useful 5-gallon bucket that your budding DIYer may not yet have on hand. An assortment of tape (such as electrical, masking, painters, and duct tape), a small and large measuring tape, WD-40, clamps, bungee cords, and basic paint brushes will all find their way into future projects.

The Gardener

These gifts will be appreciated by anyone who likes to get their hands a little dirty in the yard, young and old alike.

Garden gloves. As any gardener knows, gloves wear out quickly and an extra pair or two are always needed. But forget the canvas –a latex-coated or leather pair will last all season.

Terrarium. These miniature gardens will appeal to anyone who wants a bit of nature in their home. Purchase one already made, or create your own using almost any glass container and small plants found at a nursery or home improvement store.

Standing Garden. Essentially a wooden box on legs, a standing garden provides green thumbs with an easy and accessible way to plant herbs, vegetables, or flowers. They are perfect for those who suffer from knee and back pain or who lack yard space.

Potted Amaryllis or Paperwhites. These two flower varieties are often found around holiday time with the bulbs nestled inside a ceramic pot, ready for growing. Any gardener will appreciate this little bit of springtime in the dead of winter.

Garden Journal. A journal will become a favorite tool for the preparation and maintenance of next season’s garden. A place to record growing patterns and draw out plans will make your gardener more excited than ever for the snow to melt.

Monthly Seed Subscription. Your favorite gardener will enjoy receiving a surprise addition each month to their seed collection. With varieties of plants from heirloom to organic, a club membership will keep them in plenty of seeds or bulbs year-round.

Stocking Stuffers (for any DIYer)

If they like to tackle projects around the home and they have a stocking to stuff, then your favorite DIYers will enjoy one of these small, but useful and fun, tokens of your affection.

Stud finder. A stud finder locates wood or metal studs within walls before you hang heavy objects or undergo renovation. Even better, it’s useful no matter what your DIY skill level.

Digital Level. A level measures the accuracy of every job from building decks to hanging photos and replacing molding. This compact tool will give quick, accurate measurements with the push of a button.

LED head lamps. Head lamps are like having a third hand when you’re working at night or in the attic or crawl space. Give your DIYer the gift of convenience and you may no longer have to spend your Saturday holding the flashlight.

Leatherman Tool. A multi-purpose tool will live in your DIYer’s pocket on the weekends. With attached implements like screwdrivers, scissors, and pliers, they won’t have to reach far for minor repairs.