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Bar molding refer to the design of the wood which runs around the edge of your bar tops. These kinds of designs are also found when you line floorboards and on your kitchen island. When designing your bar, it is important to pick a molding that is sensible with the design and décor of your room.


There are numerous different stains that you can select to put on the molding. When you stain your wood—a job that you can do yourself, if you so choose—you are basically adding a bit of color to your wood while sealing the wood as well. Stains can range from dark to light.


The molding is basically the trim around the bar top and potentially what runs around the base. These designs are typically very simplistic, but add a touch of sophistication to the bar. The designs run from simple smooth run-offs to pieces with a bit more curvature.


The baseboards of your bar are probably not overly stylized. Instead, they are simple designs that run along the bottom of the bar when it meets the floor. Though they are low to the ground and out of the way, you should still decide on a nice simple design so that the point where the bar meets the floorboards is not as evident or as much of an eyesore.

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