Home Building Checklist

Construction worker looking stressed over table of paperwork

There is no doubt that home building is a daunting task and if you do not plan perfectly and exercise care to implement every step meticulously, things can easily go awry, resulting in loss of time and money. When it comes to home building, you have to keep updating on a continuing basis and prepare a checklist to ensure that work is progressing as planned without any hiccups.

Preliminary Checklist

This is a simple checklist that you should prepare immediately after you have conceptualize your dream home project and before commencing construction work.

1. Is the plot plan ready?

2. Are you firmly aware of the boundaries of your plot?

3. Is the proposed house well within the plot with sufficient passages on all sides?

4. Have you photographed the site from different perspectives?

5. Are there any hurdles in obtaining building approvals?

6. Have you verified there will be no road changes or other government take-over bids?

7. Have you checked for the availability of gas, electricity, sewerage, and water?

Remember every building site is unique and it is essential that you consider different building plans and construction methods to get the optimum results out of your available land.

Home Building Checklist

Step 1 - Create a Plan

blueprint sketches

You have to first decide on the type of construction. If you wish to have a uniquely customized design built to your specific requirements and taste, the construction will be more expensive and your continued supervision and involvement will be necessary. Alternately, you may buy one of the standard plans available from the builders and construct the house accordingly for less money and time investment.

Step 2 - Figure out Specs

You have to apply your mind and compile a list of construction specifications. The construction specifications sheet will contain details of the number of rooms and their sizes, type of windows and doors, flooring tiles, wall colors, built-in cupboards and wardrobes, garage location, sit-out, pathways and corridors, electrical fittings, water pipes, sanitary type and kitchen interiors. The specification plan should exhaustively define the type of materials and that will be required for the construction.

Step 3 - Employ an Architect

Identify an experienced and competent architect with a sound track record to obtain a construction plan based on your specifications. Armed with the architectural plan seek quotes from reputed building contractors. Please read and understand the builder's contract or quote and satisfy what they do and do not cover.

Step 4 - Hire a Contractor

man and woman reviewing housing blueprints

Refer to online directories for pre-screened home building contractors and construction service providers. Know how to negotiate with the contractors. Ascertain if the builder is licensed and covered for general liability and workman's compensation insurance.

Step 5 - Check in Frequently

As your construction progresses, personally inspect each phase of the project before making payment. The payment will have to be necessarily staggered and paid after you are satisfied with each phase of completion. Please bear in mind that once you pay, things will go out of control and you will be hard put to carry out any corrections.

Step 6 - Stay Involved

Be completely involved with your home construction project. This is essential to avoid time and cost overruns. You have to promptly address every problem as it arises lest they turn into serious repair work later on. After all, remember it is building your dream home and all your strains will prove rewarding in the end when you move in with your family.