Home Cable Management Home Cable Management

What You'll Need
Clear tape
Permanent marker
White paper
Twist ties
Cable hooks

When you are constantly buying and adding more and more electronics, gadgets and toys to your home entertainment center you also add more home cable to the collection. When it comes time to add something new you will find you may have to work with a confusing mess of home cable. You will have to take a lot of time weeding and following through this home cable in order to find what item is connected to which cable. This is where home cable management becomes so important. Organization of these wires is not hard to do and if you following the tips provided below you will be excited to take control of the situation.

Step 1 - Start from Scratch

Trying to organize all of the home cable you have while it's all still connected is going to be a frustrating and time consuming endeavor. It is always in your best interest to start from the beginning with a clean slate. Pull your electronic components forward so that you can gain access to all of the cables, plugs and home cable. Choose one of the cables and write down the component that it goes into and then follow it to where it connects and write that down. Now you can disconnect the cable at both termination points and put it aside. Continue removing the home cable from the electronic components and writing down where that cable belongs until all of the wires are disconnected.

Step 2 - Placing the Cable Hooks

There are several kinds of cable hooks that you can utilize to manage your home cable for your electronic components. The best hooks for managing the cables are the kind with an adhesive backing that you remove without damaging the wall. Remove the backing of one of the hooks and place it on the wall behind the components. Place a hook every foot or so in order to keep the home cable off the floor and from them getting tangled up.

Step 3 - Reconnect the Cables

Choose which cable you wish to connect first. Connect one end of the cable then string it through the hook to the component it is supposed to go to. Take out the piece of white paper and write on it with the permanent marker. Make a note of what that home cable is used for. If it goes to the VCR then write "VCR" on the paper. Cut the piece out and place a piece of around it leaving a small tab of tape on the end. Wrap the tape tab around the wire. Continue connecting, stringing and marking the cables to the components that they belong to. To make it easy on yourself start with the components that are closer to the floor and work your way up. Continue doing this until all of the cables are connected and marked. When one of the components is finished being connected wrap a twist tie around the group of wires close to where they connect in the component.

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