A Home Cigar Bar: Thank You For Smoking

With all the restrictions placed on smoking, it seems like the only place that it's permissible to smoke would be in your own cigar bar. In just a few quick steps, you can transform that old bar in your basement into a trendy and classic looking cigar bar.

If your cigar bar look like it's got one too many stories to tell, then it could probably stand to be refinished. This requires some sanding and then an application of stain followed by a coat of clear urethane. If this is a little more work than you were looking to perform, you can always give the bar a thorough cleaning with a good wood oil soap.

Plenty of tobacco shops offer terrific humidors that you can install into your bar to store your cigars. Every bar, or cigar bar for that matter, has a number of shelves that can hold several humidors, ashtrays, lighters and cigar cutters. These are all the necessary tools that any cigar bar should have.

Finally, you're going to need something to eliminate the smoke and odors that will accumulate and an ionic cleaner is an ideal choice. If you have access to a window, a ventilation fan would be the best choice.