Home Deck Design for Houses with Walk Out Basements

A home with a walk out basement is a perfect candidate for a home deck design which incorporates this unique feature. There are several factors to take into account when designing the deck for this type of house.

Designing a Deck Over a Walkout Basement
Walk out basements are included in many houses built on sloping lots. The exterior door to the basement is above ground and opens to the yard. A raised deck can be build over the basement door, providing access to the yard from the ground floor of the house.

Check Into Local Ordinances
One of the most important considerations for this type of home deck design is that it be build according to building codes for your area. Visit your local building inspection department and obtain all the proper permits. Local ordinances will most likely determine the size of your deck and many aspects of its construction.

Follow Safety Guidelines
Another important thing to consider in the design of this type of deck is safety. Calculate how much weight the deck will need to hold and make sure the supports and joists are adequate. Follow building codes in the design of the steps. The deck railing is a final important consideration. The railing on this type of home deck design must be strong and attached solidly to the deck.