Home Deck Design: Considerations for Walk Out Basements

With a home deck design, there are several things to consider especially if you have a walk out basement. With a walk out basement, a raised deck is a often a practical option to gain access to a living room or kitchen, as well as take advantage of the best view in the house. Taking the following into consideration when you are designing a deck for your walkout basement.

Keep Lighting in Mind

Be sure to consider the option of installing under-deck lighting to illuminate the area underneath the deck to your walk out basement. Also, remember that depending on the size of the deck, you will be shading and semi-covering the basement's entrance. Keeping this aspect in mind can also help you choose your deck’s location and size.

Make the Space Functional

Use the area below the deck for additional space or as a patio. Furnish it with some chairs and tables to make a simple gathering space out of the direct sunlight. In this way, the design for the deck is multifunctional and adds space in two different areas at once.

Check Your City's Codes

Specifications for a raised deck vary based on where you live. Be sure to check with your local building codes to ensure that you are in compliance with regulations. Generally, houses with walk out basements are built on heavily sloped lots and it is imperative to follow safety guidelines to guarantee the longevity and security of your new deck.