Home Deep Fryers

Home deep fryers from brands like Waring, Hamilton Beach, Presto, DeLonghi and more are actually quite affordable considering their powerful capabilities. Rather than fill a pot or pan with cooking oil and use the stovetop to make deep fried foods like chicken, onion rings, seafood and french fries, deep fryers are far more effective and don't make nearly the mess. Splattering oil gets everywhere and burns your skin, but with a home deep fryer, everything is contained.


Starting at around $50, you can outfit your kitchen with a convenient, space-saving home deep fryer. Differing in terms of capacity and overall features, most feature an adjustable thermostat, timer, auto shutoff mechanism and a dishwasher-safe oil pot. The cooking oil is kept relatively clean with a replaceable filter, which also helps to contain most of the smoke that may result from frying foods. The enamel oil pot or reservoir is very easy to keep clean, while those units with a viewing window enable one to check the progress of the food so it doesn't burn.


Powered by standard electricity, home deep fryers consume around 1,500 to 2,000 Watts and feature either a cast iron or stainless steel outer shell. Accessories include a frying basket, basket lift and an instruction manual that typically includes several convenient recipes.