Home Door Alarm

With numerous uses, a home door alarm is an inexpensive alternative to a whole-house, hardwired or wireless security system. Home door alarms allow you to monitor the movement of a door, whether it leads to a pool, storage shed or your home. Easy to install and equipped with a high-pitched alarm siren, a home door alarm, when armed, will immediately let you know that a doorway has been breached. Instead of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a home security system, quickly arm a door for monitoring for around $30.

Installation and Operation

A home door alarm consists of two basic parts joined by a magnetic sensor. The smaller piece attaches to a door jamb or frame, while the second, larger section contains the electronics, battery and siren, and attaches to the door. The opposite configuration works too. Once installed and the door is shut, the magnets join. After arming the door alarm, anytime that door is opened, the magnetic seal is broken and the alarm sounds.


Home door alarms are useful for home protection, for installation on a pool gate or a gun cabinet door. They can be used to alert you in case a small child or elderly parent opens a door and attempts to wander off. Whatever its application, a home door alarm is an affordable and convenient way to monitor virtually any type of door.