Home Foundation Construction Methods Home Foundation Construction Methods

Over the years, there have been several types of home foundation construction methods. A building has to have some sort of foundation to make it stable. Here are some of those foundation construction methods explained.

Concrete, Stone, or Brick Slab Foundations

One of the oldest and most common methods of foundation construction is the type that is made from a solid slab of concrete. These are built for homes that don’t have basements. This is designed to last for an extended period of time. You can also find some homes where the foundation is made of stone or brick.

In order to build these types of foundation construction types, the builders must first dig a hole and put the wooden frame for the area of the construction into the hole. Then, the concrete, stone, or brick is put into the frame and allowed to dry. These were done quite abit in the 1950s because they were inexpensive and easy to do.

Wooden Foundations

A home foundation construction might also be made with wood. Wood isn’t as strong as the former method, but it has other advantages. It’s a natural material and this makes it resistant to things like sudden temperature changes. For instance, if concrete gets too cold it might freeze and crack, but wood wouldn’t react like that.

Wooden foundations are usually made of pressure treated material, which will help them to be resistant to rot. This makes them last well over a century.

Pier and Beam

Pier and beam is another method of home foundation construction. It was used a lot in homes built before the 1960s. This type is done by placing concrete piles or wooden pillars into the ground where the building will be erected. The building then sits on top of this structure.  A strip of concrete is also usually laid around the edges of it to keep water out of the house.

This type has an advantage over a concrete slab, because it usually has a crawl space area that lets repair people get easy access to pipes and wiring. On the other hand, concrete slab ones usually have these things embedded, making them very costly to do repair work on when it’s needed.

Raised Perimeter Foundation

Another type of home foundation construction is called raised perimeter foundation. This type supports the home’s floors and load bearing walls. This kind of foundation consists of floor joists under the floor, a mudsill to hold it back, wall studs against the foundation wall, and the bottom slab of the foundation. Many older homes are built to these specifications.

Combination Wood and Concrete

A new method is one that combines the advantages and strengths of both wood and concrete. This involves using a poured concrete slab with a wooden frame and pre-constructed wooden trusses and floor joists. This type can be put down very quickly and be ready for the rest of the home to be built in only 24 hours.

All in all, there are several home foundation construction methods you can choose from if you are building a house.

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