Home Lighting Trends for 2021

hanging lights in round natural wood chandelier enclosures

As the years come and go, interior design trends are ever-changing. The same goes for lighting trends, and what’s popular in this sector for 2021 is no exception. Take a look at what lighting trends are on the horizon so you can equip your home with the latest and greatest.

Eco-Style Chandeliers

Chandeliers composed of eco-friendly materials are set to be a huge lighting trend for 2021. Light fixtures made of wooden slats, wooden beads, burlap, twine, or rattan give an interesting look with a side of sustainability.

Free-Form Abstract Shapes

Shapes that are differ in shape and free-flowing are going to be a huge lighting trend for 2021. The twisting and interesting lines in these fixtures pair perfectly with simple design elements and add creativity and dimension to your space.

Soft Metallic Finish

Metallics are so in for the upcoming year, especially when it comes to light fixtures. Fixtures with these finishes look elegant, polished, and expensive.

Rustic Style

front of house with lights

Rustic style has been on trend for a while for interiors, but it’s really made its way to light fixtures for 2021. Wooden and wrought-iron materials combined makes for a beautiful rustic look. These materials with chains also contributes to the rustic feel of these fixtures.

Retro Style Lighting

Retro is in for 2021! These fixtures with straightforward finished and natural hues combined with metal is a great contrast to a more traditional style. Smoother metals and diverse shades also fit in with this trend.

Drum Lights

Pendant lights in the form of drum lights is gaining popularity for the coming year. These round lights make for the perfect fixture for dining rooms, giving off the perfect amount of light for the whole room to set the right ambiance for a delicious dinner shared by family and friends. If you prefer, you could also opt for two to four smaller drum pendants in one room.

Industrial Style

This is a trend that’s been around in the lighting world for a while, but it’s only gaining traction in 2021. Lights featuring geometric tubes, concrete, metal, and bold lines make up this trend. These light fixtures go well in large, open spaces and provide a modern and stylish look. Along with this trend, protruding lights in a horizontal line are another way to incorporate it into your home.

Ring Lights

ring lights in different states of operation

Another light fixture that creates a modern look is ring lights. These have a brilliant symmetrical design and they mesh well with virtually any design style. They’re also a pretty timeless piece, which means they’re not going to be off trend anytime soon!

Matte Black Fixtures

Black is one of the biggest lighting trends for 2021, as it’s a modern neutral hue. It’s also fashion forward and sleek, coming off as more “cutting edge” than metallics. Fixtures with a matte finish have a modern appeal and it truly makes a statement in any space.

Colored Glass

Colored glass on light fixtures is going to be all the rage in 2021. Whether the glass surrounds a lamp or a chandelier, this is bound to make a statement in your home.

Sphere Lights

landscape with grass and bushes and sphere lights at night

Small clusters of sphere lights are a 2021 lighting trend that adds interest to any space. These are versatile in their size and material. Mirrored glass or uniquely colored metallics are great choices for these light fixtures.

Vintage Compositions

Everything old is new again! Light fixtures and lamps made of brass, gold textures, and aged surfaces give a vintage look that proves to be appealing to many in the new year.

Smart Lights

As time goes by, our homes are getting more and more technologically savvy. Fixtures that utilize LED smart light bulbs make homes more automated and eco-friendly to boot. Light fixtures are even adapting to this new technology to be more inclusive of smart bulbs.

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