Home Office Cabinetry Explained

Home office cabinetry is a little more structured than traditional cabinetry. It is designed to allow for file and computer media storage and it should include wire management hardware to route computer cables effectively.

The primary difference between home office cabinets and traditional cabinets, like in the kitchen, is that the cabinets and drawers often include features such as dividers, hangers and extra shelves. Dividers allow for storage and separation of small items, such as pens, staplers and paper clips. Deep drawers may contain hanging rods to hold manila folders. These drawers often include a simple locking mechanism and a key.

Office cabinetry often includes holes in the rear of shelves and back walls to help manage the wires and cables from your computer, keyboard, mouse, printer, data port, cable box and lamp. Plastic or Velcro cable ties or plastic tubing can help reduce the wire clutter inside and behind home office cabinets.