Home Remedies for Dogs: Ear Mites

With the cost of Veterinary visits, home remedies for dogs are becoming more popular. Ear mites are contagious to other pets, can cause infections, and even hearing loss. They can be easily treated at home, however.

1 - Olive Oil and Vitamin E

Mix an ounce of olive oil with the contents one gel capsule of vitamin E. Use a medicine dropper to place 2 drops in each ear every other day to kill the mites. The olive oil with smother the mites, and the vitamin E will aid in healing. Continue treatment for a few days after your dog stops scratching its ears, and shaking its head to be sure you have killed all of the eggs.

2 - White Vinegar and Water

Mix 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts water to clean the ears. You can use a medicine dropper to get the solution down into the ears. Rub under the dogs ear in the neck region to massage it into the ear canal. Next, take a cotton ball and clean out the ear. Vinegar is acidic and also an antibacterial which will aid healing as well as killing the mites. If your pets ears are bleeding, this will sting them so it will be better to try the method above. This is also a good solution for general cleaning of the dogs ears.