Home Remedies for Dogs: Upset Stomach and Car Sickness

Home remedies for dogs with an upset stomach and car sickness are the best solution to heal your pets if they do not like scary visits to the vet. You don't need to prepare strange concoctions. These simple home remedies will help you avoid having to give them drugs that can damage their stomach or keep them sedated on long road trips.

Remedies for an Upset Stomach

For an upset stomach, be sure to only give the dog water for several hours. This is primarily to keep the dog hydrated. Some people recommend mixing the water with a sports drinks, like the ones used by athletes. This is because electrolytes regulate the hydration in the body. Always take care not to overdo the dosage, though. Sports drinks can affect your dog's nervous system.

Appropriate Foods

If your dog has an upset stomach, it is good to give it light foods, such as rice, ground beef or boiled chicken several times a day until its stool recovers a normal consistency. If you are planning to give rice to your dog, note that it needs to be extremely well-cooked. For example, if you cook rice for twenty five minutes for your own consumption, use double that cooking time for your dog. Also, give them yogurt or other dairy products that contains beneficial bacteria for your dog's stomach. If the symptoms become severe after two days, such as vomiting of food mixed with blood, or if your dog's stool comes out bloody, you must take him to the vet immediately.


Dogs may experience car sickness, which usually causes vomiting. Many people recommend ginger because it acts directly on the stomach and not on the nervous system, unlike many drugs used to sedate pets. The flavor of ginger is strong, so it's better to make a tea with it because dogs are sensitive to certain types of smells. This home remedy is extremely effective on dogs experiencing car sickness. However, the best precaution is to have your dog get used to traveling by car from a very young age. Dogs should start traveling in a motorized vehicle when they're puppies, and their trips should be regular, not only to visit the vet. Take special care before traveling, such as not feeding the dog a couple of hours before the journey. Also, make sure they finish all their potty business before entering the car. Make a point in playing with the dog and walking it before the trip to tire out the dog and lessen the anxiety of spending many hours inside the car.

While on the Road

Once the trip begins, make sure that the dog is sitting by a stream of air. This will help the dog feel fresh and comfortable. Put on soft music to keep the dog in a relaxed mood. Remember not to leave your dog loose in the car to prevent him from banging against any surfaces due to the braking and swerving of the vehicle. Dogs can get hurt from this and will get very nervous, and this will definitely contribute to increased unrest and sickness.