Home Security Burglar Alarms

Whether you prefer a hardwired or hybrid system, or would rather install a wireless setup, home security burglar alarms of all types offer a level of protection for your home that will leave you feeling satisfied with the safety of your family and possessions. Home security burglar alarms can be as simple as independent door or window sensor alarms with a built-in siren, or as complex as a whole-house system. Coming with an initial monitoring capacity, whole-house burglar alarms are fully expandable to effectively secure every entry point or sensitive area of your home.

Home Security System Installation and Components

Hardwired systems require a physical cable connection between the control panel and each sensor or detector, making installation a bit involved. Hybrid systems combine hardwiring with wireless sensors or detectors. Fully wireless systems are the easiest to install, as no wires must be put in place. Basic components of a home security burglar alarm include the control panel, motion detector, door/window magnet sensors, siren and power transformer. Wireless systems feature a transmitter and receiver as well.

System Expansion

Home security burglar alarm systems provide up to 40 initial zones or monitoring points. Expansion is possible, however, with additional modules and sensors, allowing you to cover every entry point or other space with a sensor or detector. In addition, driveway alarms and smoke detectors can be linked with a home security burglar alarm, providing comprehensive home protection.