Home Security: Using A Door Padlock

Using a door padlock may seem like an extreme measure, but there may be times when the lock is an absolute necessity.  These are some benefits of using a door padlock.

When You are Out of Town

While most of the time these door padlocks are used when the home is no longer being lived in, it is also possible to place them on a lock when you will be away for an extended period of time.  However, you should be aware that this extra lock might just single out your home as being empty without the possibility of anyone being home for a while.

Extra Security

More people are using these locks for everyday use.  They understand the need for extra security measures and feel more comfortable with a door padlock installed on their door when they leave for the day.  It is an extra measure of protection that shows intruders that you have locked down the house tight.  This is a discouragement for most home burglars who are looking for the easiest access possible.