Home Theater Cable Management

Cable management for your home theater can be accomplished with a home theater cable management kit. These kits are used to protect equipment and manage the connections between the various components of your home theater system. Having a home theater cable management system in place will help you better enjoy your system and increase the efficiency of your home theater set-up.

The process for installing a home theater cable management system begins with understanding the different elements that make up the system.

Components of a Home Theater System

A home theater system typically consists of a television set, audio receiver, DVD and home theater speakers with surround sound. It may also consist of a video game console and possibly internet related equipment or components. Having all of these distinct components means that you have on hand a lot of wiring and cabling that needs to be properly stored and managed. This is accomplished with a home theater cable management kit.

Understanding the Elements of the Home Cable Management System

A home cable management system can include such things as a single cord organizer, molding that will hide cabling and blend it into the baseboards of the home or apartment, guards and covers to protect the wiring and cables. Each of these elements are essential parts of the home theater cable management system .

Single Cord Organizer

A single cord organizer is used to hold a multiple number of cables associated with the various components of the home theater system. The single cord organizer is an advanced way to keep the component cables separate without having to rely on color coding a primary system for identification. Color coding can provide organization for your home theater components but it does not eliminate the possibility that the cables themselves may become entangled with one another.

The single cord organizer works to organize and keep separate the cords for the home theater components. The single cord organizer can also keep pets and small children from messing with the cables and causing a short in your system.

Cable Molding and Surface Raceways

Cable molding and surface runways provide a non-skid surface for you to walk on. The non-skid surfaces provided by the surface raceways act as a molding that can hide the presence of your cables. The cable molding can blend into the existing baseboards and crown molding in your home, providing a way to blend the home theater systems cables into the homes décor.

Cable Guards and Cable Covers

Cable guards and cable covers helps to protect more delicate wiring that is a part of your home theater system and its components. As more and more systems use such wiring as fiber optics and other more sensitive types of cabling, the guards and covers provide a level of needed protection.

A home theater cable management system will cost between $50 and $100 depending on the manufacturer. This amount of money is a small investment in exchange for the value that it provides in extending the life of your home theater system as well as providing a way to conceal the cabling that is associated with the systems components.