Homemade Bath Salts and How to Package them for the Perfect Gift

Homemade bath salts are a great gift and are inexpensive to make. Put them in some pretty packaging and they will become the perfect gift. There are a few creative ways you can package them.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Pint jars, like jelly jars
  • Ribbon
  • Net or cloth
  • Coffee scoops
  • Small plastic bags
  • Net bags

Step 1 - Package in a Jar

Take a pint jar or left over jelly jar that is sparkling clean and pour in your bath salts. If you have been saving the coffee scoops that come with coffee, add one of these to the salts or you can tie it to the outside of the lid. Cut a piece of fabric or net large enough that it covers the lid and has at least an added inch all the way around. Put it over the lid, wrap the ribbon around the neck of the jar and tie in a bow.

Step 2 - Package in Bags

Pour some of the bath salts into a plastic bag and cinch the neck tight with a rubber band. Slide the bag into a net or fabric bag that you can purchase or easily make yourself. Tie a ribbon around the neck, add the scoop, and your gift is ready.