Homemade Costume Jewelry Cleaner

lemon and toothbrush with white powder

Using homemade costume jewelry cleaner could save you both time and money. If you are getting ready to make a costume for a costume party and have costume jewelry that needs to be cleaned, you can use some common household items to clean them.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one way to clean stronger versions of Halloween costume jewelry. Dilute the lemon juice with one part water and one part lemon juice and let your jewelry sit in the water for about 10 to 20 minutes. The acid should work through some of the dirt, but you need to check the quality of the jewelry on which you plan to use this solution. Cheap plastic will lose its shine in this solution.

If the dirt and grime don't dissolve after 20 minutes, you may need to leave the jewelry in the solution for a longer time.


The best way to clean costume jewelry is with toothpaste and a very soft toothbrush. Put the toothpaste onto the part of the jewelry that needs to be cleaned and work it into any crevices. Once the toothpaste is smeared on the jewelry, use the soft toothbrush to clean the toothpaste off the jewelry.

With both of these methods, test the solution on the back of your jewelry piece first to make sure no damage occurs.