Homemade Costume Makeup

One crucial part of a homemade costume is the makeup. There are several ways to make your own makeup, using ingredients you already have at home. These mixtures are much cheaper than the store-bought variety and can be easily made to suit your needs. There are several recipes for making your own costume makeup.

Homemade Makeup

One of the most basic recipes consists of :

  • ¼ cup of cornstarch
  • 1 tablespoon solid shortening
  • Food coloring
  • liquid dish detergent, add a few drops for easy cleaning

Mix the ingredients together and add the food coloring until you reach the hue you want. You may also crush in some facial powder. This powder will help you achieve more lifelike results.

Makeup can be applied at different times in the costuming sequence, depending on other features you with to incorporate. Often, the makeup needs to be applied after you have added facial blemishes. However, if you want to add sparkles or other fun things, the makeup should be applied first.

Facial Blemishes

Facial blemishes are essential to many costumes. These blemishes include, but are not limited to, scars, scabs, bruises and blood.

  • To make a bruise you will need blue, charcoal and green powder eye shadow. Wet your make up brush and blot the blue eye shadow onto your skin. Use a Q-tip to add grey and blue powder as more color. Tint the edge of the bruise with the green eye shadow.
  • Scars can be made by dipping green and pink facial tissue corn syrup. Let the tissue soak then apply it. Once the scars are dry, add makeup. Use the makeup to blend the scar into your skin. Scabs can be made in a similar way.
  • Fake blood is easily made by mixing red food coloring, hot water, corn syrup and liquid soap together. Apply the blood and let it dry. You can also use Kool-Aid.


Hair is another important aspect when it comes to make up. You can color your hair with temporary dye, Kool-Aid or colored hairspray. What you choose will be dependent on your budget and your hairstyle. Don’t you Kool-Aid if you have light colored hair, it will not come out right away.


Teeth can be easily colored to match your outfit. For example, a missing tooth can be made with a piece of black licorice. If you don’t have the desire to color your teeth, you can buy fake teeth.

Every aspect of your costume needs to be considered before you begin applying makeup. You don’t want to make a blunder and begin again. When it comes time to remove the makeup, use a gentle but strong cleanser.