Homemade Costumes for Women

Women are often great connoisseurs of homemade costumes. They make costumes for themselves and their families. Making your own costume is cheaper than buying one. They also allow you to show your creative side. Here are some things to consider:


Consider the practical aspects of what you need the costume for. Ask yourself:

  • How are you going to use your costume?
  • Are you taking your kids trick or treating or are you a footloose woman spending her night at a costume party?

Depending on your answers, you will need to adjust your costume. For example, a mom will need a costume that will keep her warm in the cool October air and sensible shoes are also a must if the costume is used for trick or treating. However, an adult party will also allow you to wear more showy clothes and higher heeled shoes.


Materials can often be pulled out of your closet. Those old shoes you wouldn’t normally be seen dead wearing, or a dress that went out of style years ago. Layering clothes in interesting patterns can also create a new look. Once you have an idea and the clothes, you need accessories. If necessary, raid your child’s toy box or dress-ups.  Accessories can be created out of cardboard, buttons, bracelets, paper, or whatever else you may have.

Another aspect to costuming is hair and skin. Dye your hair crazy colors with Kool-Aid, colored hairspray or with a temporary dye. If you have the time, use braided yarn to make a wig. This type of wig works very well for ancient Egyptian costumes, but can be useful for other costumes.  Blacken your teeth with licorice and use make up to enhance your facial features. A mixture of cornstarch water and food coloring will make cheap and easy face paint.

Costume Ideas

There are so many costumes you can create from your own home. You could be a bum, simply wear a cardboard box over your clothes. Or, you could be ambitious and create a costume from leftover fabric. Dress as leprechaun or make some knickerbockers and be a medieval page. Use old overalls to become a scarecrow. If you need to accommodate a pregnancy, become a tomato or other large fruit, no one will be able to see your belly. If you have a significant other, plan to match. Become salt and pepper or two peas in a pod. Become a king and queen or pirates. Sheets make excellent togas, if you decide to go Greek or Roman. There is no real limit to what you can do. If you run out of ideas, ask some kids, you’re own or your neighbor’s.

When you make your costume, know that a silly, imperfect costume is sometimes the best. It will give everyone you see a reason to giggle. Adding humor to the room will be appreciated by many. When you are asked where you bought such a great costume, you can proudly say you made it. However, no one needs to know that you wore some of your costume to work the week before.