Homemade Decorations for Baby Showers

Hosting a baby shower is a lot of fun but it can be expensive, unless you use your imagination to make homemade decorations. You will be surprised at how many things you can create by using items laying around the house.

Select Color or Theme

Decorations for baby showers should be planned according to a theme in mind. The most common type of shower is according to baby gender. If the sex of the baby is known, select either pink for a girl or blue for a boy, and work your way from there. However, if the sex of the baby is unknown, use neutral colors like light yellows, mauves, off whites and greens.

You can even select another theme such as a teddy bear theme or a diaper theme, and decorate the place accordingly.

Baby Tub

Purchase a baby tub and fill it with baby diapers, socks, rattles and booties, and place it at the entrance. Or you can ask the guests to place their gifts there instead of on a table to create a wonderful centerpiece.


There is no end to how you can decorate a place with balloons.

Place a baby crib or carriage in a corner of the room and tie a few helium balloons to it to create a color spot. Also place balloons inside the crib in either pink or blue if the sex of the baby is determined, or use a combination of both colors.

Place a bottle of baby shampoo, lotion or powder in the center of every table and tie a few helium balloons to them.


Tie a clothesline across the room and hang baby diapers, clothing, bibs, socks, hats, soft toys, mittens, booties, burp cloths and baby’s caps on it. If the parents have chosen a name for the baby, you can write it on a balloon, or write each alphabet on a single balloon and hang it on the line as well.

You can also write the baby’s name on diapers, "Baby Shower" or the mother's name and hang them on the line. 

Flower Vases

Fill several baby bottles with water and place miniature roses, baby’s breath or any other small flowers in them. You can also insert small tea light candles in empty jars of baby food and place them next to the vases.


Collect an umbrella or two from your house. Open them and attach streamers in pink, blue or another color. Fix the umbrellas to the ceiling to hang upside down so the streamers flutter above the heads of guests. You can also place balloons or colored yarn in them.

Tables and Chairs

Instead of napkins, make bibs for your guests to use. Cut pieces of cloth the size of a bib and attach two ribbons to each end. Use baby rings in place of napkin rings to hold your bibs.

Decorate chairs with ribbon or lace according to your color theme, or use balloons. Also decorate the mother’s chair with balloons and streamers to make it look like a throne. Make a bib for her to wear with her baby’s name, or simply write "Proud Mother of a Baby" on it.