Homemade Gift Basket Ideas

Homemade gift baskets are a great way to personalize and theme a gift. There is no limit to what thoughtful gift you can create.


The most important thing with a gift basket you are assembling yourself is to pick a theme and stick to it. Think outside of the box when choosing the "basket" you will showcase the items in. If it is a BBQ set for a man, display them in an ice chest instead of a basket. If it a movie gift basket use a large popcorn bowl to put the popcorn and movie and goodies in. If you are creating a baby gift for a shower, consider putting it in something that will be useful for the mom, like a diaper bag, toy box or infant bathtub.

Displaying Items

Don't stray from the theme. If it is a wine and cheese basket, add plates, cheese knives, wine charms for the wine glasses, etc. You may want to get some tissue paper or foam to stuff the bottom of the basket so that the items sit up high and are visible. Put larger items in the back and taper by size until the basket is filled. If you can personalize the basket someway, do it. It looks like you went the extra mile and the receiver will feel extremely touched by this. Perhaps find a chalkboard basket, and paint their name on with white paint. You can also hot glue wooden letter to just about any type of basket and paint them to coordinate with the basket.