Homemade Gifts for Your Significant Other

Homemade gifts are a truly special way of showing someone that you care for them. The time, effort and emotions associated with a homemade gift are reflective of the depth of a relationship. Here are some simple yet special ideas for homemade gifts for a significant other.

Homemade Gift Ideas for Husbands or Boyfriends

Some men appreciate the simpler things of life such as food. So, a lavish, home-cooked meal complete with favorite dishes, good music and candlelight is a great way to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or a special date. A personalized music CD consisting of favorite tracks and combined with a special note describing memories associated with each is both sentimental and practical.

Another great homemade gift idea, especially for a man’s birthday, is to make a movie collage of his photos, right from birth to the current year. Include video messages from family and friends and end it with a personalized message from you. For men, who tend to forget important dates and meetings, a photo calendar with important dates, like an anniversary and birthdays can be easily made at home. Simply take any plain, regular calendar with large date sections. Stick on photos of the two of you in place of the preprinted pictures. Mark important dates on each month with felt pen, cute stickers and a sweet message.

Hand knitted sweaters and scarves are another ideal homemade gift for men. Better still, you can knit a sweater in the colors of a favorite sports’ team and pair it with tickets to a match.

Homemade Gift Ideas for Wives or Girlfriends

Gifts for wives and girlfriends are easy-to-make and can really make a woman feel special and loved. Men or women who are good in the kitchen can easily whip up a heart-shaped cake either from scratch or from a cake mix and then, frost it with readymade frosting. Wrap a ribbon around the base of the cake and finish off with a bow. This makes the perfect homemade gift for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries.

If you enjoy woodworking, you can easily design and make a personalized photo frame, paint it in simple colors and present it with a lovely photo of the two of you. If you are good with photography and photo editing, you can easily take a lovely photograph of your significant other, add the desired effects and have it enlarged and framed as a portrait.

Creative and artistic people can pen a heartfelt poem or handwritten letter to their loved one, describing the journey they have shared together and sharing their vision for the future. Pair it with a bouquet of flowers and the gift is complete. An alternative to this idea is to write lots of little, sentimental notes and leave them at strategic places to be discovered throughout the day.

Homemade gifts are not only special and sentimental but are also a way of bonding with and coming closer to your significant other. So, this birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s, refrain from buying a gift and instead, spend a little time making one.