Homemade Solar Panel Precautions Homemade Solar Panel Precautions

Homemade solar panels can help families who want to live a greener life or just want to save on their energy bills. With prices ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 for commercial solar panels, it makes sound economical sense to build your own homemade solar panels.

Building your own solar panels at home is not as hard as it might seem and is well within the do-it-yourself skill range. You can build your panels from a kit or you can make the solar cells yourself at home. However, as with anything you make at home there are precautions in building homemade solar panels.

Think Safety

Safety precautions should be taken to protect your eyes, your hands, your feet, and hearing. Glasses, gloves, good boots, and ear protection are all necessary. You are dealing with sharp materials (glass, Plexiglas-glass) and chemicals that can burn you quite easily.

Watch the Heat

In order to build homemade solar panels you must first create copper oxide. This is done by heating copper to a high degree and long amount of time. Stay focused during this process and wear the correct safety clothing to protect yourself from the heat.

Stability Is Key

If your homemade solar panel is going on the roof of your home you want to keep two things in mind. Keep the ladder stable by bracing the bottom or having someone anchor it for you. Second, use strong mounting brackets to keep the solar panel secure during high winds and winter temperatures.

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