Homemade Split Rail Fence Gate

What You'll Need
Gate Latch
Safety glasses
Work gloves
Wood for the rails and frame
Measuring tape

A split rail fence isn’t complete until you add the perfect gate that matches the style of the fence. The fence gate basically enhances the whole look. If you want that rustic and western look, then just follow these directions to make a split rail fence gate that you will be proud to show off to your friends.

Step 1 – Preparation

Now, put on your safety glasses and work gloves and you are ready to begin. Get all your directions ready and make sure you have all the pieces, tools, and supplies you need to begin your project.

Step 2 – Determine the gate size

First, you need to know how big to make the split rail fence gate. It has to be a few inches smaller than the fence itself so it can be opened and closed easily.  If you have a standard sized gate of about 3 or 4 feet wide, then make your gate about 4 inches smaller. It should also be the same height as your fence. Measure everything with your measuring tape to be certain it is the correct size.

Step 3 – Start with the Frame

Next, form the gate framework into the proper square gate shape and attach it together at the corners with the hinges and brackets accordingly. Make sure you get them on the side you want it to be on and they are attached firmly to the posts.

Step 4 – Rails

Now it’s time to attach your wooden rails to the frame. The rails need to be about an inch shorter than the width of your gate frame. You should now take the rails and put them across the frame arranged how you want them to lay. Then, they can be attached to the framing with more wood screws. You may have to drill holes in the rails first so it is easier to place the screws securely.

Step 5 – The Latch

Then, once the gate is to the size and shape that you need, you can fasten on the latch by attaching it to the fence about midway down on the side where you want it to open. Be sure to measure to make sure it is even. It should be firmly attached with more wood screws. The other half of the latch that it closes with should be screwed firmly into the post on the fence itself. Make sure they line up perfectly before finalizing the installation.

Step 6 – Finish

All that is left for you to do is to attach your new split rail fence gate to your existing fencing. After you make sure it is all lined up, you can attach it securely with screws and hinges. Your gate for your split rail fence is now complete.