Honeywell Alarm Keypad

A Honeywell alarm keypad is an Ademco-made component of a home security system. Available in several hardwired and wireless models, Honeywell alarm keypads feature menu-driven prompts, graphics and an easy-to-read screen. The keypad is the visual and programmable control module connected to the main panel. Through it you can arm and disarm the alarm system, view the event log, record and playback messages and view zone status.

Keypad and Alarm Selection

For home and small business use, Honeywell offers Vista security systems with hardwired and expandable monitoring capability of up to 48 zones. With the necessary alarm keypad, monitor these zones simply and effectively. Different Honeywell keypads are available built according to a variety of specifications. The 6148 keypad, for instance, is programmable for one-touch emergency calling, features security code plus command control and has backlit, soft-touch rubber keys. The 6270, by contrast, features a larger display touchscreen with LCD display, LED indicators and audio capability.


With a Honeywell alarm keypad, view the TouchCenter event log to see who used the system and when. It can also be used for business management purposes in terms of tracking employee movement as well as opening and closing of shop. Honeywell alarm keypads allow you to fully control the security system's arming, disarming, functional user codes and status of each zone.