Honeywell Alarm System

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable means of home security, consider a Honeywell alarm system such as the VISTA-10P, 15P or one of their LYNXR wireless security systems. Whether hardwired or cable free, Honeywell alarms give you an incredible amount of control over the system. When linked with the Internet, Honeywell security systems always have a line of communication open for sending alarm signals. Honeywell alarm systems provide other services as well including speakerphone, two-way voice system, smoke detectors and uploading/downloading capability via the Internet.

Alarm System Specs

A residential Honeywell alarm system includes keypads, a control panel, wireless controller and transmitter, an indoor siren and a receiver among other components. Secure 20 or more areas with the included on-board and expansion zones. The system also has a 2 dozen-plus wireless zone capability. Multiple smoke detectors are supportable with the system, while it is able to support dual fully-graphic touchscreen keypads.

Alarm Features

Among the performance features of a Honeywell alarm system are auto arm/disarm, numeric pager support, viewable exit countdown, time and date display and event log as well as automatic keypad backlighting. Wireless alarm systems feature a motion detector, cable-free transmitters and single-button control of the alarm. Honeywell alarm systems offer full-integration home security with numerous convenience and safety features.