Honeywell Burglar Alarm

Manufactured by Ademco for Honeywell, the Vista 10P, 15P and 20P Honeywell burglar alarm systems are ideal for home use. Equipped to monitor as many as 40 hardwired zones when expanded, a Honeywell burglar alarm maintains top-speed, independent communication with the control panel thanks to configuration with Internet Protocol systems. Honeywell burglar alarms come with everything you need to install the system in your home including control panel, dual keypads, wireless transmitter and controller, an indoor siren, window or door magnets and spacers, on-board battery and transformer.

Burglar Alarm Features

Ademco Vista alarm systems from Honeywell do not include everything they are capable of supporting. For instance, the 20P system can support up to 4 touchscreen keypads and is expandable to up to 48 zones, so every area of your home or office is monitored. Multiple smoke detectors are supportable as well as up to 16 output devices.

Operational Convenience

View up to 100 events with time and date on the keypad. The system allows for up to 48 user codes, any system keypad can arm it the entire alarm and custom zones are programmable as well. Among numerous other features, the Vista 20P burglar alarm supports as many as 4 numeric pagers, can be remotely controlled by phone with the VIP module and features single-button arming.