Honeywell Fire Alarm

Honeywell fire alarm systems such as those produced by Fire-Lite are found in large and small buildings, as well as apartments and homes. Available in conventional as well as addressable systems, Honeywell offers fire alarm systems designed to monitor anywhere from 2 to well over 600 zones depending on the system. Honeywell fire alarms consist of a main control panel, satellite monitor/control stations, communicators and audio systems.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Conventional fire alarm systems from Honeywell are capable of monitoring between 2 and 10 zones. Useful for apartments, small businesses and schools, conventional systems contain one or more circuits which are wired to sensors in parallel. Conventional systems work in small buildings to this day, but since they do not indicate which sensor has detected a fire, they are of little use in large buildings.

Addressable Systems

Addressable fire alarms, on the other hand, are capable of processing much more information and can detect exactly which sensor has detected fire. Honeywell addressable fire alarm systems are 25- to 636-point panels. Used in the biggest of buildings, Honeywell addressable fire alarms are designed to activate notification circuits within 10 seconds of detecting a problem.

A variety of digital and advanced IP communicators, deluge and agent release controls and audio evacuation systems are available from Fire-Lite as well.