Honeywell Home Alarm

To protect every area of your home and property from intrusion, a Honeywell home alarm system provides a technologically-savvy and all-encompassing solution. Depending on the Honeywell alarm system you install, the home alarm can be programmed to safeguard up to 48 total zones with both hardwired and wireless ports. In addition to the basic system, Honeywell home alarms are fully upgradable to include extra transmitters, sirens and smoke detectors.

System Components

Included with a basic Honeywell home alarm such as the Vista 15P Kit 1 are the control panel, AURORA motion detector, Wave2 indoor siren, and an alpha display keypad. Additionally, the system comes with a 12-volt battery, 16.5-volt transformer and a cam lock to secure the control panel.

Technological Features

Use an IP or Internet Protocol to increase information transmission speed of alarm signals to the control panel. You can also upload and download updates and other information via the IP. With a digital communicator, the security system will be independent of home phone lines. Honeywell systems are compatible with two touchscreen keypads with which to program and view up to 50 event logs all marked with the time and date. Other features include numeric pager support, system control from touchtone phones and multiple 2- or 4-wire smoke detector support.