Horizontal vs Vertical Sliding Windows

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Vertical sliding windows have some advantages compared to horizontal sliding windows. There are basically two types of sliding window: single sash windows and double sash windows. Single sash sliding window have one moveable window and the other pane is fixed, whereas in double sash windows both panes can be moved and can cross one another in their sliders.

Pros and Cons of Vertical Sliding Windows

Vertical windows lift upward to open and pull down to close. For that reason it is easier to close them right down and the insulation factor means that there is less chance of drafts being caused by an incorrectly closed window. On the downside, if they lose their strength they can actually slide down without request and slam closed, breaking the glass or damaging the frame.

Pros of Horizontal Sliding Windows

Horizontal sliding windows are easier to reach to close. They are held from the side and slide across to open and close, which means that everyone can reach them. On the other hand, horizontal sliding windows are prone to getting stuck in the runners and can become sticky and hard to move. The frame can weaken if they are dragged forcefully and this will result in deterioration of performance and condition.