Horseradish: Harvest and Propagate for Next Year Horseradish: Harvest and Propagate for Next Year

Horseradish is a hardy and fast-growing perennial that serves the gardener well year after year. The following tips will help with harvesting the plant and making it ready for the following year’s harvest. 

How and When to Harvest Horseradishes 

The best time to harvest horseradish is after the first frost, or normally late autumn in warmer zones. Loosen the soil around the plants you want to uproot with a pitchfork. Shake off the dirt from the roots. The horseradish roots are now ready to be washed. Gently pat each root dry with a towel. 

Separate Roots for Replanting 

Save roots that are approximately ¾-inches in diameter and about 10 inches long for replanting. Cut the top of each horseradish root off square. Trim the bottom section of the root at an angle. This way you’ll be able to identify the top and bottom of each root. 

Store Horseradish Roots in Refrigerator 

Save and store the roots you want to replant in your vegetable garden in the spring in your refrigerator. They can be stored up to eight months in loosely wrapped plastic. 

Remember when you replant the roots that it’s normal for your plant to wilt after planting. Give it a little shading until it recovers and let the sun take it from there.

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