Hot High Pressure Washer

Ideal for commercial and industrial use but suitable for residential applications as well, a hot high pressure washer produces a high-powered jet of hot water able to cut through difficult stains on concrete, brick, metal, tile, vinyl and many other materials. Cold water pressure washers often require the use of chemical solvents to help break up powerful stains. Chemicals may be used with hot pressure washers, but the heated, pressurized water alone is often enough to break up and remove paint, tar, oil and countless other substances. 

Tool Specifications

Hot high pressure washers are constructed from solid steel. Kranzle pressure washers include a high-impact plastic cover to contain the unit and store accessories. Other design characteristics include durable casters, adjustable temperature control and a diesel or fuel oil-burning heating coil. Some models feature steam capability for deep cleaning. Hot water high pressure washers have a 1000 to 4000 maximum PSI and an outflow rate of up to 5.0 GPM.


Included with most hot high pressure washers are a 30 to 50-foot dual-wire braided hose rated up to 250 degrees F, a spray gun and/or gun-jet lance. Attachments feature quick-connect couplers for easy changeover. Sometimes included are nozzles for chemical or steam applications and angled fixtures to alter the spray during operation.