Hot Melt Glue

Hot melt glue, simply known as hot glue, is a thermoplastic adhesive primarily used for making crafts, for bonding foam insulation materials and to close up corrugated boxes made of fiberboard. In the home, hot melt glue is applied with the aid of a hot glue gun. These small, inexpensive tools are typically dual-heat guns capable of low- and high-temperature settings, heating the glue to between 250 and 380 degrees Fahrenheit. High-temp hot gluing produces a stronger bond than the low-temp setting, but both dry clear.

Hot Glue Sticks

Hot melt glue is available in cylindrical form of various diameters. Different glue gun applicators are used according to the thickness of the glue cylinders, but most hot glue guns are able to heat the standard sizes. For commercial and industrial use, solid granules, blocks, ribbons and powder are available to form a bond on a variety of different products.

Hot Glue Application

Once hot glue is heated for use, a bond must be formed in a relatively short amount of time before the glue hardens anew. This can be as quick as a few seconds or longer. Some pressure-sensitive hot glues never fully harden but are used to form a breakable bond. Hot glue is made from a base material combined with additives of various kinds. Depending on the application, the additives influence the open time, set time, bond formation temperature and tack, among other things, of the particular type of hot melt glue.