Hot Pressure Washer

When it comes to cleaning the toughest grease or oil stains from driveways, roads, garage floors or engine blocks, a hot pressure washer is the best tool for the job. Cold water pressure washers are more commonly used in residential applications, but their ability to cut through grime, grease, oil and caked-on dirt is somewhat limited. Hot water gets underneath dirt and stains much better than cold water. In the face of the high-pressure capabilities of a pressure washer, no stain is too tough. For its superb cleaning ability, hot pressure washers are the tool of choice for cleaning professionals. 

Hot Pressure Washer Design

Two primary systems are required for the functioning of a hot pressure washer. First, like cold-water washers, a motorized pump is needed to generate the pressurized water flow. Secondly, and unlike cold-water units, a burner and coil setup is in place to quickly heat the pressurized water before propulsion. The motorized pump may be electrical powered or gas fueled, while the burner and coil requires an electrical power source for the burner motor and a fuel source to heat the coil. All in all, hot pressure washers are much more complex devices, usually resulting in a greater expense. 

Brands and Cost

Northstar makes a less expensive hot pressure washer with a 2-GPM inflow and 1300 max PSI. This unit costs around $1,100. Most hot water pressure washers start at $2,250 and can cost as much as $20,000 for heavy-duty, self-contained units. Other manufacturers include Kranzle, Cam Spray, Mi TM Corp and Karcher. 


Hot water pressure washers feature a GPM flow rate of up to 8.0 and maximum PSI rating of 4000. Most units feature an all-steel frame with heavy-duty pneumatic wheels. Larger, trailer-size pressure washers may include a self-contained water tank for mobile cleaning and dual washing guns. Hot pressure washers feature high-powered motors and pumps built with durable ceramic plungers and stainless steel valves. Hot water hoses are rated up to 250 degrees F. Steam capable hot pressure washers are available for increased cleaning ability.