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Maggots on pine tree branches.

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Original post: Back from holiday and found maggots in the bathroom.

Poppylee Member

Got back from holiday yesterday afternoon. All was well. Then, around 8 p.m., I noticed two small, worm-like things in the toilet bowl. I didn't think much of it except being grossed out and flushed. This happened two more times. Following online advice, I bleached and poured in boiling water. I usually would do this two times a week, but I have been away. The drains in this house are rubbish. Then, I found two in the middle of the bathroom floor. This happened four times — either one or two just on the floor. The bathroom has since been gutted and bleached from top to bottom, and I thought I solved it as there has been none all day. Then I found another. And now I'm really grossing out, it's embarrassing, disgusting, and this is my only bathroom.

The ceiling is neatly paneled with no gaps. A loft is above. I have had a look in it and there are no flies, smell, or buzzing.

There is a fan in the center of the ceiling. Could they be falling from there? Or squeezing in from under the shower? There are no flies, there were none before I left for my holiday, and there are none now. I'm really not sure what it could be, where it could be coming from, and what I can do about it.

Stickshift Group Moderator

Step one is you have to find out where they're coming from.

Marq1 Member

There has to be something rotting (meat) for flies to lay eggs which then become maggots.

Tolyn Ironhand Group Moderator

It might not be maggots. They could be sewer fly larvae (Drain Fly) which look similar to maggots but are smaller. They feed on organic material so the best thing to do it clean out your drains of hair.

Poppylee Member

Thanks. I can't find any source, and there has only been one more in 24 hours now. I read about drain fly larvae. Can it be those if they're on the floor too? There's nothing rotting; I checked the loft too. The bathroom is clean, honest! I had family stay before going on holiday together, so the house had the frantic "family are visiting extra clean."

PAbugman Forum Topic Moderator

The ceiling fan where the duct work exits the exterior wall may have a dead bird inside it.

Another possibility is a dead bird/rodent in the attic/loft under the insulation where the fan exits the bathroom ceiling. Sometimes the fan and ductwork become unhooked of compromised which leaves an opening for insects. Can you crawl over to where the ceiling fan is and lift insulation to inspect? Maybe you can inspect where the fan duct exits the exterior wall, too.

Tolyn Ironhand Group Moderator

Even though it is extra clean drains can have lots of organic debris. Yes, you will normally find the worms on the floor, especially if there is a drain there. I had some once in our shower. I snaked the drain and cleaned it out of hair and junk and haven't seen any since.

PAbugman Forum Topic Moderator

Good point Tolyn; Just like the underside of the rubber overtop of a garbage disposal, some parts never get cleaned because they aren't seen. I've seen shower drains in locker rooms that have a lip or rim that catches organic matter but the water still drains so there does not "appear" to be a problem.

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