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Caulk is a better verb than it is a noun. There are all kinds of things you can caulk with, and all kinds of gaps you can tackle with a caulk gun. So when your countertop doesn’t reach the wall, and you don’t know how to make them meet, the Forum fills in the gaps.

Original Post: Too wide a gap between countertop and wall

yorkville Member

There is a gap of 1/2 inch between my countertop and wall. Can I use backer rod and then caulk over and under it?

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marksr Forum Topic Moderator

Why didn't they work to make it fit better?

I have caulked similar cracks in the past. If backer rod isn't handy you can fill the inner half with caulk, let it set up and then finish caulking.

czizzi Member

Since the back splash and the counter top are both cut straight, why could they not get the counter to sit flush to the wall as well? A bit sloppy of an install, but caulk will solve the problem provided you don't attack it too heavy handed. I've seen a lot of homes where the owner should have been legally forbidden from ever handling a caulk gun.

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

“I've seen a lot of homes where the owner should have been legally forbidden from ever handling a caulk gun.”

Same can be said for some carpenters and even a few painters. I think the worst thing a carpenter has ever said to me is "I had a bad joint but I prefilled it for you." That almost always means more work for me than if he had left it alone. I usually have to remove what he used in order to make it look right.

It helps to have a damp rag/sponge handy to both smooth out the caulking and clean up any errant caulk!

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