Hot Topics: Can Mulch Work for a Driveway?

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Have you ever wondered why people don't use mulch for a driveway? It seems just as good as gravel, right? Wrong. This homeowner wanted a way to put his old stump remains to use by creating a mulch driveway. Hopefully he heeded our forum DIYers' warnings against it!

Original Post: Mulch Driveway to Garage?

jj94auto Member

I have a lot of mulch laying around from trees that had their stumps ground.

I also had a metal garage put up recently with a concrete slab floor.

There is an area, which is about 15 feet by 20 feet, with grass.

I just put down a weed barrier and would like to use the mulch that I have laying around to make a small driveway.

My concern is wood being dragged into the garage and getting splinters when I am working on the concrete floor. I am also worried about getting tiny holes in tires causing slow leaks that the typical tire shop will never ever find.

I don't care about how it looks and I am not overly worried about it lasting forever.



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pugsl Forum Topic Moderator

It would take a solid branch to puncture your tire. I would not worry about that. Can't say about splinters being dragged in.

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

I wouldn't worry much about splinters from the mulch; generally it won't be dry/brittle enough for that to be a concern. It will take a broom to get the tracked in mulch out of the garage. I doubt you could do anything outside to prevent it from getting tracked in.

joecaption Member

Weeds and grass will just grow right through weed block and be harder to pull out later. Should have gotten rid of all the top soil, laid driveway cloth, then had the crush and run. Using mulch for a driveway would be the last thing I would have used. It's just going to rot and make a great place for weeds to grow.

Pilot Dane Group Moderator

Don't do it! I have a series of trails on my property and some are graveled like a driveway. Years ago I had an unlimited supply of mulch and mulched the trails. It looked great and worked great for a couple years. By year three the problem started to appear. Mulch decomposes and turns to mush. Eventually I had to come back and remove all the decomposed mulch because it became such a mushy mess.

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