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bottle of Gorilla Glue in front of wood surface

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Original Post: Can one thin Gorilla Glue?

Morania - Member

I use Nano Glue or Gorilla Glue for my models and projects. Sometimes I get to my relatively full bottle and find that it has thickened up from non-use. I either need stronger glasses, or it doesn't say on the label but, is there a way to thin it out to become more user-friendly?

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the_tow_guy - Group Moderator

Not that I know of. You certainly can't use water because water's a catalyst for the poly glue.

Gunguy45 - Super Moderator

I agree, I never saw anything for that.

Here are some hints that I'm pretty sure apply to that glue, though:

Store it upside down, then the stuff at the bottom will harden or thicken since that's the part exposed to the air in the bottle. Make sure the cap is on tight!

Also, I think you can store it in the fridge...just remember to take it out before you need it.

Poly glues have a limited shelf life once smaller bottles if you aren't going to need them often.

stickshift - Group Moderator

You're supposed to squeeze all of the air out of the bottle and then put the cap on to extend the shelf life after opening. I tend to buy glue in the smallest size just because it does have a limited storage life. I also write the date I opened the bottle on it somewhere with a marker and throw it out after a year.

Highball - Member

I have read that either acetone, denatured alcohol, or less than 5% water [Gorilla themselves] can be used to thin it, but it was either stated or only implied. It was for use, not storage [water obviously will cure it].

To keep air out of the bottle easier, without squeezing it, also with other various finishes like Tung oil [it's expensive], just add marbles until it reaches the top. Less waste, but you still can't use it all.

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