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Your black appliances may look sleek, but they also hold onto grime! If you've got a black oven with a black stove top, it is probably driving you crazy trying to keep it clean after cooking. These DIYers have been through the same ordeal and can help you clean your appliance without breaking your back or the bank.

Original Post: Cleaning Black Stove Top

Chiro Vin Member

I have an Amana gas stove that is black. After a night of cooking, it needs to be wiped down. The problem is that it is impossible to clean.

I have used Windex; 409; Lysol; hot, warm, soapy water; paper towels; towels; and all combinations of these things, and all I get is smearing. It takes forever to get the film off of the top.

Does anyone know of the best way to clean these tops without spending over 30 minutes cleaning it over and over with multiple cleaners?

Any help appreciated.

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CarbideTipped Member

I'd try a cleaner specifically for grease, which is what is causing your smearing. One of the citrus-based de-greasing cleaners would be a good start, or you could use diluted ammonia. The citrus cleaners smell better. You can even use a grease cutting liquid dishwashing detergent, like Dawn.

If it's a glass top, the cleaners specifically for range glass tops work pretty well. You have to apply it, remove most of it, let it haze over, and then buff it. Paper towels works best for that.

Handyone Forum Topic Moderator

CT covered it. It depends on what the surface is, enamel or glass.

Enamel should clean with hot soapy water, the glass or ceramic cleans well with any glass cooktop cream or soap and water.

You might always have a haze with any cleaner, for that I use a microfiber towel and that will get rid of any streaks or thin grease residue. As said, buff it.

Shadeladie Super Moderator

Hello and welcome to the forum! I have a SS stove with a black top and yeah, it shows every smear and streak!

I use either Dawn in warm water or Glass Plus. What I've found is, if you miss a spot (which is easy to do) and go to wipe and shine it up, you end up spreading it and causing the smearing. It's usually around the burners that's the worst.

I just use new paper towels every time I see a smear, and eventually you get them. It is cheaper and less wastefull to use a dish rag, rinsing, wringing, and rewiping tho. It does take a while sometimes, so I guess it's the downfall of having a black top!

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