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Original Post: Lag bolts and fascia

banjoman Member

I want to pull the lag bolts so I can install fascia on my deck, is there a bracket or hanger or something that can be used to accomplish this?

XSleeper Group Moderator

Sorry, you haven't provided enough info for us to figure out what you are trying to do. Include a picture or a better description.

Pilot Dane Group Moderator

Are you asking about the lag bolts attaching the deck to the rim joist of the house or are these lag bolts used somewhere else?

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

IF I understand what you mean, leave the lag bolts in place and use a spade or forstner bit to remove wood from the backside of the fascia board so it will lay flat.

banjoman Thread Starter

Sorry, the bolts on the outside of the deck that are holding the deck up. I'm putting composite on and need to put fascia over the old treated 2x10 frame, rim joist or whatever you call it? of the deck.

The bolt head stick out and unless I cut out around them I can't put composite fascia flat onto the deck frame. I'm trying to post a pic but it won't let me use a pic from my phone.

banjoman Thread Starter

Here is a pic of the deck and the lag bolts, I took this picture was before I had all the decking ripped off, I've got it all off and just laid composite boards on top now.

a deck project with chairs and a table

XSleeper Group Moderator

Sheesh. That's pretty clearly not the way decks are built nowadays. I would probably put a pair of 6" ledgerloks spaced 2" from the rim edges, then remove the lag bolt. They make spider drive ledgerloks with a flat washer head, they will suck right in.

banjoman Thread Starter

Here is another pic close up of the corner. I use structural screws to pull that board that is on the front of the deck Flatt cuz it was cupped pretty bad now if I can just get the lag bolts taken care of I can put fascia over that and my plan is to run the deck boards to the edge of the deck and cover the ends of the deck boards with the fascia.

The reason I'm doing that as I can't find deck boards that are not grooved long enough so I'm hoping I can find some longer fascia boards and just do it that way.

If I would have just went with treated 2x6 boards like we're on there I would have already had it all done this is turned into a pain in the butt. It's funny how all the big box stores sell a little bit of this composite but they don't sell a whole lot of other stuff you need to go along with it.

I bought a big pile of 16 ft long Deckorators brand Hana Brown capped composite boards at Lowe's for half price, no turning back now, LOL. I plan on using hidden fasteners and I bought a big box online that are a biscuit style that seemed to fit pretty good and they leave a 3/16 gap between the boards.

a deck post with a bolt in the side

banjoman Thread Starter

This deck was built about 17 years ago when we had an addition put on to our house. I've added joist hangers and had to raise up a few joists to even them up but I've got it all ready for the boards to be put on just trying to figure out if I need to put the fascia on then start putting the boards on or just put the boards at the edge and then put the fascia on last so many options.

A lot of the decks I've seen pictures of, they let that outer deck board hang over the edge half an inch or so and it looks nice but I can't find deck boards long enough that aren't grooved.

XSleeper Group Moderator

With most composite decking, the fascia has to be raised up high enough to cover the cut ends of the decking.

2john02458 Member

You could "picture frame" the deck and not use a fascia.

Add a 1X or a 2X on the sides above the lag bolts (or covering the lag bolts as marksr suggested in post #4) to support the edge planks.

Trim the groove off a plank. (Bevel the top of the cut edge to have a more finished look.) Install edge plank perpendicular to the cut planks and use same width for last parallel plank with groove cut off. Slight overhang would be OK and would look nice. (Hides the lag bolts in a shadow line, too.) Miter the corners.

You could do this and also add fascia below mounted on furring strips the thickness of the bolt heads. I don't think it would add much to the look though.

If you do not "picture frame" then you could mount fascia on furring strips to cover the ends if your planks are long enough.

Pilot Dane Group Moderator

Long ago I learned that traditional lumber yards are your friend. Their service and pricing is usually better and they often stock material in more "useful" lengths. I think big box home centers often only carry shorter length items since so many customers are transporting in a SUV or pickup and don't have access to a truck with a rack or trailer to carry longer material like a contractor would.