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A drill with a screwdriver bit.

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What if you have no tools at all, and no experience using them? Can you still be a DIYer? You can if you have the drive. And if you need to drive, do you need a drill, or a driver? Where do you start? You start with the Forum, of course.

Original Post: power tools to recommend

annie215 Member


I am new to this site. I am a single mom, a homeowner and am trying to decide if I need a drill or a driver. I want to do things like hang curtain rods, blinds, put together furniture, toys, etc. I have zero experiece with power tools.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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Pilot Dane Group Moderator

A cordless drill would be perfect. Most have an adjustable clutch that helps when installing screws and it can be switched to drill mode for drilling.

Gunguy45 Super Moderator

It depends on how much you plan to use it. I agree a cordless drill is very handy... ‘til you go to use it and the batteries are dead and it takes an hour to charge them. Or you don't use it for 3 months and the batteries won't hold a charge anymore.

I always recommend a corded tool for people starting out. They are generally cheaper and always ready for use. You do want variable speed, keyless chuck, and a clutch (though I'm not sure corded drills come with a clutch).

Toys and furniture can easily be put together with hand tools.


mitch17 Group Moderator

I'm with Vic - start with a corded drill and get cordless only when it's needed.

Often, my approach is to buy the tool I need for the project, rather than trying to predict what I'll need in the future. I might spend a little more on the tool that way because I didn't wait for a sale or something but every tool I have has been used.

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

I agree, unless you are confident that you'll be using a cordless tool every week, a corded tool makes more sense. When you do buy cordless it's best for all your cordless tools to take the same battery. That way you'll have 1-2 batteries that fit all the tools and you'll always have one that is charged up.

btw - welcome to the forums Annie!

annie215 Member

Thanks for all the good advice. I know you can't recommend a brand, but is something like this good: DEWALT 3/8 in. Pistol Grip Drill Kit-DWD110K at The Home Depot

I really hate to sound stupid but is a drill also a screwdriver?


bigfred Member

I think you found a good one: lots of good ratings, and a reasonable price. Go for it.

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

“Is a drill also a screwdriver?”

A variable speed drill can be used as a screwdriver if a screwdriver bit is in the chuck.

annie215 Member

Thanks, again. I'll let you know if I have giant holes in the walls as I learn how to use it!

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

You shouldn't have any problems using that drill. The main thing is to start out slow and have a firm grip on the drill... But we can advise you on how to repair the wall if necessary.

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