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Original Post: Driveway Sealing Questions

jaadiy4 Member

I’m scheduled to have my driveway sealed and cracks filled on Tuesday. Weather is going to be warm the day the driveway is sealed but it is supposed to rain ½ inch the next day and turn much colder two days later (high in the 60s, low in the 40s). Will it be able to cure properly if it rains the next day? Will the rain and colder weather so soon after sealing cause any damage or affect the longevity of the asphalt?

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marksr Forum Topic Moderator

Normally you need 24 hrs to dry before rain and 48 hrs before putting it back into use. If I'm not mistaken it can take up to 30 days to cure.

Marq1 Member

Crack filling should be done first and allowed to cure, then the seal coat. I would want a few days of no rain.

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Original Post: Gravel Driveway Repair

pcather Member

We have a fairly long driveway to our house. The top layer is asphalt millings. The city came in and laid all new water piping in our neighborhood. They then connected all of the houses to the main water pipe. In doing this they dug a 3-foot trench straight down my driveway.

This process caused most of the gravel to be mixed with dirt. The city just raked the dirt back into the trench. Now the top of the driveway is more dirt than stone. In order to fix this, they have brought in asphalt millings to put on top.

My fear is, since they will be laying the millings on top of mostly dirt and not rock, that the millings have nowhere to settle and everything will just eventually be washed off. The city doesn’t seem to know what they’re doing. They have asked me what I want them to do. I’ve never laid a driveway so I have no idea.

I went to a local asphalt company and what they suggested was that we dig 6 inches down and lay down some stones that look to be about 5 to 6 inches around. And then put the millings on top. This, to me, seems like overkill.

Any suggestions would helpful.

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Wirepuller38 Member

Just do the normal required maintenance as necessary for gravel driveways and you should be fine. If you begin to see erosion, step up the frequency to remedy the erosion effects.

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Original Post: Rain after Sealing Driveway

needhelp4 Member

My driveway has several cracks that are more than 2 inches in diameter and several feet long. An asphalt company came to look at them and said that the cracks needed to be cold filled and then the driveway needed to be sealed the following week. The company came over here late yesterday afternoon to repair the cracks, but they went ahead and sealed the driveway right after they filled the cracks instead of waiting until next week. Last night it rained and we are expecting thunderstorms this afternoon. Is the crack repair going to hold since they immediately sealed the driveway after filling the cracks instead of waiting until next week to seal the driveway? Will the seal coat be compromised from the rain that occurred less than 12 hours after the seal coat was applied?

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Marq1 Member

If a quality sealer was used, then you would not see any small surface cracks. Did the rain add to the problem? We don't know.

I've heard a lot of horror stories of companies/individuals coming in and putting down a watered down sealer, never to be heard from again.

Hate to say but from the description, it sounds suspect.

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