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If you're planning on updating the look of your home with a fresh interior paint job, you should keep an eye on the temperature. There are a lot of factors that can contribute to improper bonding and curing of fresh paint.

Original Post: Effect of Temperature on Paint Dry/Cure Time?

walkerstoo Member

Have to paint recently primed drywall (2 coats of Zinzer Bullseye 123 with a soft finish latex). With recent weather, cannot get room temperature above 54°F during day and upper 40's at night. Need to complete painting for moving schedule. Any problems for seen with drying/curing of the paint?

Any comments appreciated, and thanks.

P.S. Drywall was primed over a week ago.

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CarbideTipped Forum Topic Moderator

Maybe, I think that's close to limit for interior painting. Lower temps certainly increase the dry/cure time and may interfere with bonding. A big concern is if the humidity is high and wall temps drop below dew point causing condensation on the walls before the paint has fully dried. If you can fire up the heat I would do it. But stay away from unvented heaters that put a lot of humidity into the air.

Paint Pro here may have more specific advice. It might help to know what brand/type of paint you plan on using...

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

The substrate temp is just as important as air temp. If the walls are at least 50°F when the paint is applied, it won't hurt the paint too much [other than slowing down the cure time], but I'd be leery of applying paint to any substrate that is only 40°F.

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