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Original Post: How to find doorbell breaker?

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Charlie2 - Thread Starter

I'm in the process of replacing my current doorbell. I tried to find the doorbell breaker on my panel and there's no doorbell label anywhere on the electrical panel. I found this thing on the side of the electrical panel. Do I just basically turn off each breaker and see if any of the breaker is the one for the doorbell?

doorbell with wiring

pcboss - Forum Topic Moderator

You could just remove the red and white wires from the transformer to cut the power.

Charlie2 - Thread Starter

I see. That's a good alternative. Is the red and white low voltage?

Tolyn Ironhand - Group Moderator

Yes. Doorbells are normally 16 - 20 volts

Zorfdt - Forum Topic Moderator

Or you can just try each breaker until you hear the slight hum stop, or attach a voltmeter to the screw terminals and watch when it goes to zero.

Or if you're comfortable, remove the front panel of your breaker box and see which breaker it goes into! Lots of options!

Charlie2 - Thread Starter

Thank you for all the help. I'll try those options tonight.

Charlie2 - Thread Starter

Okay, I just thought of something. If those two red and white wires are low voltage and cause no harms to me, do I really need to disconnect or shut off the breaker to install a new Ring doorbell?

Tolyn Ironhand - Group Moderator

Likely not, but if for some reason you touch the two wires together you could damage the doorbell or the transformer. Disconnect one wire and you will be fine.

aka pedro - Member

"Or if you're comfortable, remove the front panel of your breaker box and see which breaker it goes into!"

Although I agree with the previous posts about it being low voltage and all, and although I frankly may not shut the breaker off for something like this myself, good for you in wanting to learn and do it correctly. You need to be careful, no doubt about it, but carefully remove the panel cover as previously mentioned, loosen the screws, hold onto the cover firmly, take it straight off, and you will most likely be able to see which breaker the transformer is on.

I'm no spring chicken, so probably not surprising that I remember my grandmother being concerned about electricity "leaping" out of unused receptacles, and I'm sure you're not of that mindset, but there are some things behind that cover that can hurt you, so, again, carefully remove it, then look but don't touch.

Again, you'll most likely see where the wires you are immediately are concerned about are connected, but you'll also introduce yourself to another level of knowledge regarding the infrastructure of your home, Not that you necessarily want to be an electrician by trade, nor that you want to venture into an uncertain and potentially dangerous world, but knowledge is good, and the more you know about things like this the safe your can be, in my opinion anyway.

Charlie2 - Thread Starter

Thank you so much for the additional tips and suggestions. Much appreciated!

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