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Original Post: Wth?

elweezo Member

I was looking for some nails in my basement and I came across some Paslode 650210 that were used by a guy who repaired a section of fencing for me.. I wanted to see if they were galvanize so I could use them on my lil deck project and Yahoo answers said that galvanized are not good in treated lumber.. Is that true? I thought all exterior nails are galvanized.

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mitch17 Group Moderator

New treated lumber has different chemicals in it which are harsher to metal. These days, you want to make sure the fasteners are rated for ACQ.

elweezo Member

mind blown... never heard of it... now I am wondering about the deck I had built a few years ago.

mitch17 Group Moderator

If it's a few years old, you'd probably be seeing problems by now if the wrong fasteners had been used.

elweezo Member

Well the Paslode 650210 the fence guy was using don't seem to be galvanized... I will need to look at my deck. It was done 5 years ago.

Pilot Dane Group Moderator

Old pressure treated lumber (CCA) used arsenic. It was inexpensive, worked well and was relatively non-corrosive but people were licking the lumber so the industry moved to a less toxic preservative. The newer ACQ treatment consists largely of copper. It's more expensive and the copper when in contact with other metals like steel nails and screws can cause galvanic corrosion at a pretty fast pace.

chandler Forum Topic Moderator

There is a difference in Electro Galvanization and Hot Dipped Galvanization, the former not being good used in ACQ. HDG on the other hand is an industry standard. From looking at the Paslode site, the nails you have are Brite, and not HDG, so they shouldn't be used in ACQ, nor in your fence. They will rust in time.

elweezo Member

Thanks Chandler, Pilot, Mitch… I am going to re-nail the section of fence that he fixed - 12 ft no biggie. (He was an old guy looking to make a little money so I won't hate on him.)I am going to slide under my deck and shoot some new nails into the part we built 5 years ago that I used old nails (prolly 5 years before that) in that more than likely were not OCG compatible. This will be no fun but them’s the breaks. At least I have you guys to teach me such stuff


chandler Forum Topic Moderator

Glad to help keep Clayton County beautiful!! Pictures when you get through, please.

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