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Once it moves in, poison ivy can be hard to get rid of, especially if you’re sensitive to it. You can look but you better not touch. You'll be scratching like a hound, the minute you start to mess around. So what do you do about it? Ask the Forum.

Original Post: Poison Ivy!

oceanbluehawk Member

Hi y'all,

We have a wet-weather creek in our backyard. I spent three hours the other day pulling out poison ivy and all sorts of brush. I want to spray it with herbicide. Any suggestions? There are trees in the vicinity, but not too close.


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Rough Rooster Member

I take care of it around here with glyphosate (Roundup). Use the 41 percent mixed at 1:30 ratio (or stronger) and wet the poison ivy with it. You will see yellowing in 4 to 5 days and death of the poison ivy in about 10 days.

Wife is terribly reactive to it and she gets on a mission to eradicate it from anywhere nearby. We use a spot sprayer, shooting a stream, and drive our CUV along the roadway while she sprays the poison ivy.
Have a 300 yard clear zone around homestead. (Birds reseed it annually, so it is a continuous process to keep it suppressed.)

Bud9051 Member

I have found that pulling it only removes the plant and not the roots, which regenerate. Plus, it is the leaves that you want to hit with the herbicide. RR's spot sprayer is what I use also to keep after new emerging plants. I just noticed an invasion from my neighbor’s property, as he does nothing. Not sure he will be happy when the dead leaves start showing up, but it needs to be controlled.

Pilot Dane Group Moderator

The key is to spray and kill the poison ivy before cutting it down or trying to remove it. The herbicide (glyphosate) is only absorbed through a plants leaves. Spraying the ground, roots or a tree's trunk has no effect. I spray and then give it at least a week for the herbicide to be fully absorbed so it can kill the roots.